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Cheval Republic's vision is to combine elegance and responsibility in riding equipment. We also design all our possible products so that you can use them equally well both in your free time and in the stable. We think it's a stupid idea that some clothes can only be kept in the stable.

Choose Cheval Republic - only 600km from Finland - uppers made in Lithuania with fabrics ordered directly from Italy.

Hey there! I am happy to introduce myself and the passion behind the story. I'm Anni , founder and owner of Cheval Republic. Horse riding has always been more than just a hobby for me – it is a deep passion and a way of life that has guided me since I was a child until today.

Why Cheval Republic? This question is easy: I wanted to create a brand that would respect Finnish riders and give them the opportunity to feel like the best riders they can be. The Finnish riding community is strong and dedicated, and I wanted to offer them clothes that reflect their passion and make them achieve peak performance in the saddle.

I myself have been riding since the age of 6 and have owned my own horse since the age of 9. At the moment I have an absolutely lovely welsh gelding Jack. I've been riding regularly since I was 6 years old, that's more than 20 years! Of course, the motivation has varied over the years - sometimes we have been actively training in a sweat every day, and sometimes I have wanted to get a good feeling out of riding rather with a calm frolic. In my opinion, riding belongs to all of us - we were goal-oriented racing riders rather than "bag riders" as in Finland we often call us good-natured riders.

Each of our products is designed and manufactured with love and care. We use only the best materials that provide comfort and freedom of movement while riding.

Each of our products is also designed in Finland , taking into account the needs of riders and the challenges of northern weather. We have a deep respect for nature and horses, which is reflected in each of our products. Our aim is that all Cheval Republic products are manufactured within the EU in the future, at the moment it is not quite possible yet, as a few of our products are currently manufactured in a responsible factory in Asia. Still, most of Cheval Republic's clothes are made responsibly about 600km away from Finland, Lithuania, an EU member state. From the beginning, our mission has been responsible clothing production and products produced within the EU, and we can be proud that 90% of our clothes are made in Europe. We also want to offer the best quality to our customers, so the fabrics are ordered directly from Italy and then manufactured in Lithuania.

Join us on our journey towards a more responsible and stylish riding world. At Cheval Republic, we combine love for horses and concern for our environment.

Welcome to the story of Cheval Republic . Together we can build a stronger and more confident rider community in Finland and around the world.

Thank you for choosing us on your journey to peak performance!

Best regards,
Founder and owner of Cheval Republic.


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