Cheval Republic Athlete

Cheval Republic is looking for passionate riders who are ready to join us as Cheval Republic Athletes . We are looking for individuals who share our love of riding and want to spread our message in a positive and inspiring way. Whether you are a competitive rider or a hobbyist, we believe that everyone has the opportunity to influence and inspire.

What are we waiting for?

Activity on social media: We are looking for partners who are active on social media - be it Instagram, TikTok or any platform where you share content related to riding and horses. We want our partners to share stories, experiences and moments that reflect the joy and community spirit of riding.

Positivity and inclusiveness: As a Cheval Republic Athlete, you should represent positivity and a constructive attitude. We value individuals who support others, spread good energy and promote a positive environment in riding circles around Finland. Bullying has no place in our community.

Fair treatment of horses: It is extremely important to us that Cheval Republic Athletes treat horses fairly and with respect. We require that you share our values ​​regarding animal welfare and set an example for others in the care and treatment of horses.

What do we offer?

Clothes and novelties: As a Cheval Republic Athlete, you regularly receive our selection of clothes and all our novelties. We want to make sure you are always equipped with our quality and stylish riding clothes.

Visibility and community: We offer you the opportunity to grow your own following and become part of an active and inspiring community. Together we can spread awareness of the beauty and diversity of horse riding.

The number of followers does not matter: We are not only interested in the number of your followers. We value more your activity on social media, your genuine positive attitude and your passion for riding and horses.

How to join?

If you feel you have something to contribute and share our values, we want to hear from you! Send us a short introduction about yourself, links to your social media profiles and tell us why you would like to become a Cheval Republic Athlete. Send your application to titled "Cheval Republic Athlete".

Come and join us in creating a riding community where everyone can feel like they belong!

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